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  • Age : 28
  • Sexual preference : Lesbian/gay
  • Region : United Kingdom
  • Private show : 5 cd/min
  • VIP Show : 20 cd/min (Voyeur : 10 cd/min)


  • Description : Bdsm,cbt was used for the first time by doctors in Mental Health Hospitals (Psychiatric hospital).Using humiliation to change the patient behavior....so I do like to change human mind...and much more..As nail tech I love to do my own nails long and gorgeous ... but often I do my sissy sluts nails and makeup when i transform them. ~ * ~ I am a strong taurus dominant who loves to offer bdsm ,cbt , feminization ,etc.I am also a heavy smoker !.......and even tho' i might smile my evil mind hides mysterious thoughts i might say...all slutty minds will have new instructions almost each time...i love games...(i do not switch...i don't do requests or nudity ) )...and i love submissive people who know to serve and spoil a GENUINE DOM !!!!!!!~ * ~ In real life i am single , i am very honest and i will say what's on my mind (something that not many people appreciate since they prefer to be lied and got used with fake smiles/words/persona ) and i love good jokes ! I don't do flash or requests!~ *~ I would love to have submissive people who will like me, my humour ,my mind , my shapes and will worship me and respect me for what i am !!!!~* ~ I would love to find my own personal pet to share my life with and to discover new minds , souls and desires.~ *~ I have a lot to offer , but after all every human is unique , special and has a lot to offer....and i will let you find more about me in a group chat (or pvt)!I am who i am! I have Emotional detachment,Alexithymia and Congenital insensitivity to pain (CIP)!As you can see my bio and my blog i have nothing to hide and i prefer to be honest (i would like to get the same from you)! ~"~ Only my ''hard working'' loyal subs/slaves with who i have a bond and i own may worship my body topless!!!!
  • Online : 9 am to 3 pm uk time -> monday to friday
  • I love : I'm turned on by A combination of all, Sadism / Masochism (S&M), Bondage / Discipline (B&D), Domination / Submission (D&S) My role is Dominant I am seeking A lifetime relationship (LTR) I live the lifestyle 24/7 Experience level Expert!
  • I don't love : Liars,cowards and fakes,I dont tolerate rudeness or stupidity in my room,I am your Mistress not your slut or babe,so dont call me hun,love,or babe.You will not get a second chance.Show your RESPECT or GET LOST!!! !
  • I speak : English
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